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Most of the birds in this photo have jobs on the railroad. The blue jay, with his claw on the cow catcher, is definitely in charge! The birds can practically feel his steely-eyed gaze as he oversees the whole operation. The tufted titmouse is the fireman. He’s very daring as he crosses between the cars. We’re going to skip the nuthatch for the moment. The cardinal is an oil baron, checking on his valuable shipment. The chickadee, with his endless energy, is the flagman. He hops off the train with a lantern or flags and keeps the train safe. The nuthatch at the boxcar is watching the blue jay with intensity. As soon as the blue jay looks away, this little hobo is hopping the train for a free ride! The American Flyer train on the giclée canvas print is pre-war, possibly 1939, O-27 gauge. Food was used to lure them in and was removed from the photo. The image is composed of five separate photographs. The blue jay would never put up with such nonsense!

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